Saturday, 14 February 2015

Discoggs 14 - The Off-kilter Valentines one

There are a gazillion songs about love. It’s rich territory for songwriters – all those hearts and flowers. But we know things are a little more complex in real life…

Here’s my mixtape of songs that explore love from different angles.

Always On My Mind - Pet Shop Boys
If I Can't Change Your Mind - Sugar
Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone you Shouldnt've) - Buzzcocks
Nothing But A Heartache - The Flirtations
You Keep Me Hangin' On - The Supremes
End Of The World - Skeeter Davis
Cry Me A River - Justin Timberlake
Say I'm Sorry - Piney Gir
The Outdoor Type - The Lemonheads
Inside of Love - Nada Surf
I Don't Want Love - The Antlers
Dark End Of The Street - Flying Burrito Brothers
Youth - Daughter
Pink Bullets - The Shins
Delia's Gone - Johnny Cash

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Discoggs 13 - The New York Special

My adventures have taken me to New York this week. Here's a selection of songs that will forever be entwined with the state for me. It wasn't an easy one, this. There were so many songs I had to leave out or to choose between and so much history to cover, not to mention the new artists I wanted to feature. Please forgive me for missing out entire, important genres or essential artists. I hope you find something to enjoy.

For your listening pleasure:

Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Rat - The Walkmen (Let's all agree it's one of the finest songs ever written, right?)
New York City Cops - The Strokes
NYC - Interpol (Started playing as I walked in to my hotel room. Weird or what?)
The Only Living Boy in New York - Simon & Garfunkel
Demons - The National ("I want to see the sun come up above New York")
Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear
Empire State of Mind - Alicia Keys
An Open Letter To NYC - Beastie Boys (Snotty young upstarts turn into elder statesmen)
No Church in The Wild - JAY Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean
Gravel Pit - Wu-Tang Clan
Me, Myself and I - De La Soul
Rip Her To Shreds - Blondie
Personality Crisis- New York Dolls
Rockaway Beach - Ramones
I'm Waiting For The Man - The Velvet Underground
Gloria: In Excelsis Deo - Patti Smith (Can't wait to see her perform Horses in its entirety at Field Day this summer)
Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
Wasted - Dead Stars
Gold Blooded - The VeeVees
Turn It Around - Lucius
Watching Every Channel At Once - Slonk Donkerson (One of the most ridiculous band names I've heard in a while, but I love the song!)
How Long Have You Known - DIIV
Star Crawl - Crystal Stilts
Friend Crush - Friends (The bassline gets me every time)
Diane Young - Vampire Weekend
Dance To The Underground - Radio 4 (This has been my earworm for a week)
Radar Detector - Darwin Deez
Tongues - Joywave
Losing My Edge - LCD Soundsystem (The lyrics never fail to make me smile. God bless James Murphy)